We provide solution-design to address all issues obtained from surveys.

Research Management

We have a team of consultants who specifically focus and specialize in gathering /providing customer insight for public and private sector organizations.

Through our extensive partnership with other research agencies in Africa and Europe, we have built extensive knowledge on how businesses can understand and improve their customers’ experience of their brand.
Our offering includes: designing questionnaires for telephone, face to face and paper/computer based survey. In addition to designing the questionnaire and conducting surveys – we offer as part of the package a comprehensive report of our findings which includes benchmarking against an internationally developed Customer Service League Table to give our clients an unbiased picture of their standing in the respective industry.

Our customer experience improvement services include:

  • Customer Experience Mapping: through interaction with our clients’ customers we are able to obtain, a beer understanding of their customers’ experience. This process also enables us map the customer’s attitudes and behaviours

  • Customer Insight: through satisfaction surveys

  • Employee Engagement: understand how engaged our clients’ staff are and compare this to other companies.

  • Industry Comparison Score: gained from benchmarking and tracking