We work with our clients to design relevant communication and public relations campaigns

Public Relations

Communication design for both internal and external stakeholders with the aim of achieving enduring change.

Whether a client wants to: generate positive press coverage, ensure a vote, gain understanding and buy into a change – our solution always starts with a clear focus and understanding of what the client wants the audience to feel, do and ultimately change. We deal with all levels of communication campaigns – our most popular areas of focus are: speech writing and presentation coaching, product campaign, political campaign, major media events, employee and customer engagement.

We apply the following four principles passionately in all our communications and public relations campaigns

  • “The truth has to tell twice” – a simple narrative repeated consistently creates the most powerful results.
  • “Content plus manners must go together” what is said and the manner in which it is delivered determines what the audience hears/feels

  • Authenticity is the best policy” – we encourage our clients to own and deliver honestly.
  • “Change is scary” – but it can also be positive if the right motivations are communicated