How to build trust in a workplace

Trust takes years to build but seconds to destroy…

To rebuild trust if destroyed – one must take ownership of the mistake or issue. Clearly articulate that you understand why employees have lost trust in you and acknowledge the mistakes you made.

To make sure this is understood by everyone involved – ensure communicate is clear and open with everyone and preferably in person.

State and show how you are going to rectify the situation and establish processes to optimise the change.

▪️Create an open door policy where staff can communicate their concerns without any fear of judgement or retribution.

▪️Seek the counsel of other managers or leaders in the business

▪️Show that you have changed your management or leadership style in the wake of these developments.

Action always speaks lower than words.

Finally, depending on the level of trust loss or the underlying issue you need to acknowledge that some staff may feel angry or aggreved for some period of time. You may not just be able to say sorry and get straight back to where you were before. Don’t rush the process, give your staff and team time and if you are sincere in your approach eventually you will regain their trust.