4 ways to a successful execution of a business strategic plan

Strength is either in knowing what to do (strategy) or in how to do it (execution)—but not both. Here are FOUR ways to a successful execution of a business plan.

1. Create the environment and equip people to succeed.
Strategic execution requires a business environment where everyone is on board, and able to complete their part of the process. Team members must be engaged and enabled to do the job– that means aligned, equipped, coached, supported, and valued for the work and changes ahead.
Communicate with people, not at people, before, during, and after you develop any strategic initiative.

2. Be selective in recruiting and building the right team. Look for people with a growth mindset, rather than a fixed mindset that may be hard to change.

3. Personalize your commitment and lead the initiative.
Don’t allow yourself to be the enemy by letting external distractions take priority, being selectively inaccessible, or not making timely decisions.

4. First check your view of the reality of your situation.
If you start with a distorted or biased view of what your company needs, no execution is likely to achieve the results that win. Also, if you are not totally committed in spirit, as well as resources, to a strategic change, it probably won’t happen. Doing what it takes to win involves risk and sacrifice.