3 PR strategies you should be using right now

Whether you’re an early adopter of digital or a savant of tradition, here are three shifts in public relations and marketing your company will want to embrace now or in the future.

1. Collaborate with influencers.
Word of mouth, press coverage and endorsements, have long relied on one effective marketing tactic: third-party credibility. No matter who your target market is, the best way to earn credibility is to have people of influence tell others why they appreciate your product or service.

2. Create content, not ads.
Ad buying has adjusted to the digital world.  Tools like sponsored posts and native advertising, allow brands to create rich user-specific content that tells a relevant story rather than a repetitive promotion or sales pitch.

3. Give traditional press exclusivity.
Commuter papers, trade journals, dailies and broadcast shows still carry third-party credibility and weight in today’s digital world.  Keep in mind these publications are dealing with more competition than ever. Find the right outlets to tell each aspect of your brand story to.