Strategy Development and Execution

Success demands an intimate understanding of anticipated destination. The process that enables a team and the rest of their organization to navigate from where they are today to the desired destination is strategy.

In supporting our clients to develop their strategy, our experienced consultants with expertise in business analysis, organizational alignment, stakeholder engagement, culture development, business solution design and implementation, communications, project/programme management, leadership development and change management will:

• Work with them to understand their business identity as at today

• Collect and develop insights from staff, stakeholders, customers and the supply chain

• Examine the business context and identify potential opportunities

• Generate a picture of the potential ‘end-state’

• Facilitate evaluation workshops to select preferred ‘end-state’ option(s)

• Produce strategic roadmaps and communications to inspire everyone involved

• Provide planning framework to manage and embed change – this includes portfolio, programme/project design and management, financial modelling and governance management

Culture Development and Change Management

Every successful business will tell you that they change on a daily basis. Given how constant that is, we offer the required support that enables the successful execution of business change(s) and associating objectives. Our experience in change management spans both private and public.

Underpinning positive change is organizational culture. When we see a positive culture in action we often ask, “How did you bring together/develop this unique group of people? How did you get them so focused and passionate about what they do and appear to have such a good time at work?” Our change management process will show you how and guide you through attaining the same for your organization.

We manage change of varying scales for our clients – whether it be:

• A major organizational restructure

• Development of brand behavior and culture

• Merger or acquisition

• A shift in service proposition

• Low or falling customer/employee satisfaction

• Process re-engineering

• Skills analysis, gap management – solution design

We have expertise in designing organizational structure and culture to enhance capability or introduce new ways of working in a way that is coherent with the organization’s goals. We also provide support with engagement with staff – acting in the capacity of a ‘critical friend’, reviewing and supporting as the new structure settles in and delivers the planned benefits.

Strategic Performance Management

Global CEOs rate execution as their No. 1 business challenge and most organizations settle for mediocrity in strategy execution and performance management – especially if their bottom line is in keeping with their expectation(s). Research shows that only a third of organizations that achieve excellence are able to maintain it over decades and even fewer manage to successfully implement transformation programs.

In supporting our clients, we adopt an end-to-end process of strategy execution by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton (Harvard University). This process facilitates the articulation of the organizational strategy and strategic measures, goal alignment, delivery programme and monitoring/evaluation. The three key questions we explore with our clients in commencing in our support:

• How can we swiftly improve your organization’s performance?

• What are the known pitfalls of transforming and how can we avoid them?

• How do we create a culture of continuous improvement that will help sustain change?

Business Communication – including public relations

We work with our clients to design relevant communication and public relations campaigns for both internal and external stakeholders – with the aim of achieving enduring change.

Whether a client wants to: generate positive press coverage; ensure a vote; gain understanding and buy into a change – our solution always starts with a clear focus and understanding of what the client wants the audience to feel, do and ultimately change.

We deal with all levels of communication campaigns – our most popular areas of focus are: speech writing and presentation coaching; product campaign; political campaign; major media events; employee and customer engagement.

We apply the following four principles passionately in all our communications and public relations campaigns

• “The truth has to tell twice” – a simple narrative repeated consistently creates the most powerful results

• “Content plus manners must go together” what is said and the manner in which it is delivered determines what the audience hears/feels

• “Authenticity is the best policy” – we encourage our clients to own and deliver honestly

• “Change is scary” – but it can also be positive if the right motivations are communicated