Strategic Performance Management

Global CEOs rate execution as their No. 1 business challenge and most organisations settle for mediocrity in strategy execution and performance management – especially if their bottom line is in keeping with their expectation(s). Research shows that only a third of organisations that achieve excellence are able to maintain it over decades and even fewer manage to successfully implement transformation programs.

In supporting our clients, we adopt an end-to-end process of strategy execution by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton (Harvard University). This process facilitates the articulation of the organisational strategy and strategic measures, goal alignment, delivery programme and monitoring/evaluation. The three key questions we explore with our clients in commencing our support:

• How can we swiftly improve your organisation’s performance?

• What are the known pitfalls of transforming and how can we avoid them?

• How do we create a culture of continuous improvement that will help sustain change?