Owing to the high level of unemployment in the country, employers have an abundance of job applicants to choose from, but finding the right employee remains a big challenge and filling a vacant position can take months of hunting. Employers are quick to lay blame, Universities are not giving students the right kind of training. The Government is not providing enough funds to the Universities.

The list goes on and on. It is with this in mind that we launched the “Meet the Employers” event – designed to explore the missing elements in graduating students – in this case final year students from University of Lagos, this gives them an overview of employers’ expectations and how they can prepare themselves holistically for the world of work. “Meet the Employers” event is an initiative envisioned by Gina Consulting – a management consultancy firm with offices in Nigeria and the UK – assisting and advising public and private sector organisations in Nigeria and across the Nation.

The core objective of this event is to provide a platform for employers and potential employees to meet, interact and appreciate how both ends can actively contribute towards the reduction of unemployed graduates across Nigeria but more importantly give the graduates insight into what employers look for in potential recruits.

The professionals would be drawn from different sectors to provide enriching tapestry of experience, knowledge, opinions and specific skills/tips necessary for the graduates to gain employment.

Meet The Employers Workshop

Conference, Corporate, Social Responsibility, Youth Empowerment