Development Portfolio

Shaping your people, shapes your organisation. Our human capital development ethos is “make learning work” at all levels of a business. We provide learning solutions that enable organisations to build their capability and drive up performance.

All our human capital development offerings are bespoke thus are tailored to meet the client’s specific needs/requirements. Whatever your business objective or challenge, our development packages are packed full of tailored and inspiring solutions to help you shape the future of your business through the effective development of your people.

Our recent bespoke development portfolio include:

  • Delivering Service Excellence
  • Customer First
  • Regulating Quality
  • Effectively Managing Budget to ensure Operational Excellence
  • Leadership Development/Retreats
  • Strategic Partnership Development
  • Communication Skills for Managers
  • Staff Appraisal Skills for Managers
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Corporate Governance
  • Performance Management is Everybody’s Business
  • Presentation Skills
  • Succession Planning as part of retirement planning


Our offerings are tailored at varying levels: organisational wide; executive/leadership level; teams/departmental level.

So whether you are in the business of banking, hospitality, insurance, media etc., we promise to equip your people with what they need to achieve/exceed your business potential.

Recruitment and Pre-Employment Training 

We apply a person/business centered approach to our recruitment solutions for clients.  We take out time to build positive relationships with our clients in order to gain an in-depth understanding of their recruitment need(s) – in addition to being very clear of the qualities and capabilities they are looking for.

With a good understanding of our clients’ need(s) we take an informed position in identifying and matching suitable candidates.

Our services include:

  • Drafting appropriate recruitment adverts and posting them
  • Identifying potential candidates through networking; headhunting and referrals
  • Screening and briefing the candidates about the vacancy
  • Preparing CVs and correspondence to forward to clients
  • Conducting initial interviews and background checks
  • Coaching the candidates, where necessary, before transferring them to our client


Our recent recruitment assignments have been in the areas of:

  • Strategy and business development
  • Secretarial & Support
  • Human Resources
  • Project/Programme Management
  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Customer Services
  • Customer Relationship Management


Our pre-employment training services include – ensuring candidates are up to speed with the general expectations which includes organisational culture; presentation and carriage; oral and written communication; passion and positive attitude to work; productivity and effective time management.

HR Business Partner Service

Perhaps you are a small firm without a HR department but need adhoc support; or a medium to large organisation needing consultancy services that ensures all the issues from staff recruitment, assessment and development are effectively planned and delivered. We partner and perform on behalf of our clients of all sizes, across all sectors.

Our HR Services guarantee to boost our clients’ organisational performance and ensures a strategic focus. With a range of innovative services, we offer an array of solutions – all bespoke for our clients – namely:

• Identifying the non-value adding activities and eliminate the hidden HR operations costs thus ensuring efficiency, productivity, communication & employee morale.

• Organisational structure management –including recruitment

• HR performance management

Management and Team Building Retreat

We deliver high-energy corporate team building and leadership development programs that propel teams and leaders to a higher level of performance. All corporate team building programs are customized events that integrate your company’s ‘language of teamwork’.

Our event planning is created collaboratively with clients to customize experiences that build upon current team efforts, support meeting themes or augment company principles. Each of our proposals is a work in progress allowing for event planning flexibility that adapts into a finely tuned corporate team building program which hits the mark for your team.

Executive Coaching

Successful businesses focus on developing leaders who can effectively take others on a focused journey in delivering their business goals.

Our coaching packages are tailored for managers at all levels with the aim of developing deep self-awareness and self-management.

With international experience of managing at senior roles, our team of executive coaches have the experience and expertise to help other leaders develop an effective personal leadership style and navigate through ambiguity/uncertainty successfully.

Our package includes:

  • Personal development and life coaching
  • Executive/team coaching
  • Coaching in core skills e.g. presentation/communication/staff management
  • Personal impact
  • Influencing
  • Transition/retirement plan