Culture Development and Change Management

Every successful business will tell you that they change on a daily basis. Given hoow constant that is, we offer the required support that enables the successful execution of business change(s) and associating objectives. Our experience in change management spans both private and public.

Underpinning positive change is organisational culture. When we see a positive culture in action we often ask, “How did you bring together/develop this unique group of people? How did you get them so focused and passionate about what they do and appear to have such a good time at work?” Our change management process will show you how and guide you through attaining the same for your organisation.

We manage change of varying scales for our clients – whether it be:

• A major organisational restructure

• Development of brand behavior and culture

• Merger or acquisition

• A shift in service proposition

• Low or falling customer/employee satisfaction

• Process re-engineering

• Skills analysis, gap management – solution design

We have expertise in designing organisational structure and culture to enhance capability or introduce new ways of working in a way that is coherent with the organisation’s goals. We also provide support in engaging with staff – acting in the capacity of a ‘critical friend’, reviewing and supporting as the new structure settles in and delivers the planned benefits.